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About Us

Our design team is led by Rick Gibbons and Doug Peninger

and is complemented by June Stegall who is our Directory Consultant.

Rick Gibbons has been creating images for families for over twenty-five years. He recently completed his term as Chairman of the Board of the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association. Currently, he serves as a national councilman for Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and also serves on their committee for By-Laws, Rules and Ethics. Rick is an accomplished portrait artist specializing in timeless, heirloom portraits which may be seen in countless homes throughout the Piedmont Triad. Rick is a Certified Professional Photographer and recentely was awarded the degree of Photographic Craftsman.

Doug Peninger currently serves as the President of the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association and is an advisor to North Carolina's East Coast School. He has had eight images accepted into the prestigious loan collection of the Professional Photogrpahers of America. Recently, completing his term as Chairman of the Board of Professional Photographers of North Carolina and Vice-President of Professional Photographers of America Charities, Doug devotes much of his time at the studio to product design, marketing and client relations. Doug also is the editor of Southern Exposure Magazine which recently won 1st place in national competion for the second year in a row. He holds the degrees of Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman and is a Certified Professional Photographer.

June Stegall is a vital part of our team as she serves in the field as the first point of contact for most chuches and organizations. She comes to us from the viewpoint of a client. Once we created her portraits at her church, she loved them so much, she became part of the team.